ALIAS, season 3, episode 07

Episode 7: Prelude

Syd wakes from a nightmare in which she sees an angel-like figure, then pulls strange tubes from her mysterious scar. Shaken, she asks a CIA psychiatrist about the memory-retrieval procedure. The doctor shows her Kenneth Blake, a man whose memory was retrieved at the cost of his sanity.

The Mexican police capture Simon's lackey Javier, who offers up info about a CIA agent used by terrorists to kill a Russian diplomat.

At the CIA, Sloane says The Covenant wants him to attend a Chinese governmental function in order to steal data. China intends to mount a microwave laser on a satellite as an assassination weapon. It would make the victim appear as if he died of natural causes. He wants Syd to accompany him and corrupt the data. Syd will access the motherboard, connect to Marshall, who will corrupt the system.

Vaughn and Lauren travel Mexico to interview Javier. Jack advises Vaughn to impede the investigation. Vaughn disagrees, saying Lauren is their best chance to keep Syd's secret from NSC.

Syd and Sloane attend the Beijing ball posing as lovers. Syd secretly assembles a toy car controlled by Marshall, which he uses to follow a guard to the security system. Sloane persuades Syd to dance for the sake of their cover. Marshall shuts down the system. Syd gladly slaps Sloane in order to give the impression they're having a lover's spat.

Meanwhile, Jack has bribed the Mexican police to detain Vaughn and Lauren. When they're released, they find Javier dead in his cell, an apparent suicide victim. Vaughn tells Jack if he ever puts his wife in danger again, he'll kill him. Jack tells Vaughn that maybe now he understands the compromises one makes when a loved one is in danger.
Syd finds the vault, retrieves the case and connects to it, allowing Marshall to corrupt the code. The guards repair the security system and spot Syd. She fights off the guards as Marshall finishes his job. Afterward, Sloane says the day she was found in Hong Kong, he received a letter in Syd's handwriting, address to Sydney Bristow. He gives it to her. A key and paper fall out. It's a series of numbers, a code.

Sark pays a visit to Lauren. He says that he had planned for Javier to be extradited and forced to confess the identity of Lazarey's murderer. He gives her a dossier, which includes a picture of Lazarey and Julia Thorne. Sark identifies Thorne as Sydney.

Jack looks at the note Sloane gave Syd. He says the cipher text was devised by Irina. It's the address of a penthouse in Rome.

Vaughn and Lauren argue about keeping Sydney's secret. He says Dixon ordered him not to divulge anything, but she'll have none of it. Vaughn says Lindsey will ship Syd off to Russia if he finds out. Lauren admits that she's already reported Syd. Vaughn then tells Syd everything and arranges for her to fly to Rome and pick up a new passport.

Syd asks him why he's helping her. He says some things don't change. "I'm not going to lose you twice," he says, and they hug. Later, Vaughn tells Jack he'll do anything to help Syd.

Under Lindsey's authorization, Lauren takes control of the task force from Dixon, relieving him for "obstruction of justice."

Syd enters her apartment in Rome. Through the window, she sees the figure she dreamt of. She searches the medicine cabinet and finds a bottle is prescribed to Julia Thorne. The Italian police barge in.

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ALIAS, season 3, episode 06

Episode 6: The Nemesis

Sloane tells Syd that intel about The Covenant's next move is encoded in an image of the Vatican on a web site. She says that he'll never have her trust or Jack's friendship.

At the CIA, Dixon says The Covenant is after device that can interface with Russia's launch control, given them access to their nuclear arsenal. Its designer, Robert Lang, altered his appearance and is on the run. He is to retrieve new identity papers from Heinrich Strauss at a Milan nightclub. The Covenant wants to grab Lang and the device. Dixon assigns a reluctant Syd to be Sloane's handler and says Allison Doren is alive. An unnerved Syd later says she will kill Allison.

Sark meets Allison in Strassburg, rekindling their love. Allison explains that The Covenant found her and Syd after their fight. She recovered in 6 months and has been working for them since. Sark says will find his father's murderer and Allison swears Syd will pay for her scars.

Lindsay tells Lauren that a Russian government source has info that could lead to Lazarey's murder and that The Covenant has moles in the Russian government. He swears Lauren to secrecy and sends her to meet the source in Moscow. Lauren lies to Vaughn about the trip. He gives Lauren a database of Lazarey's phone calls, suggesting the murderer may be traced through calls.

In Milan, Syd is disguised as a Euro clubber. Vaughn uses a Marshall-made mini x-ray camera, rigged via Syd's necklace, which can spot facial reconstruction. Sark and Allison appear. Lang retrieves his papers and bolts when Allison kills Strauss. They all chase Lang, but Allison finds him first and extracts a tooth before killing him. Syd discovers the body, whereupon Allison knocks her unconscious.

Back at the CIA, the x-ray images of Lang's tooth reveal a filling that is a Radio Frequency Identification chip. Lang used the chip to open the launching device. Lauren discovers a call from Lazarey's murderer and tracks it, through voice analysis, to the London address KNG Microtech. The office is empty but Lauren discovers it was leased to Julia Thorne.

Syd forces Sloane to meet with Sark and Allison in Prague and get them to divulge the location of the device. Using his cover as a double-agent, Sloane coaxes Sloane to admitting the device is in a vault in Sophia, Bulgaria. Syd makes Sloane ask about her past. Allison says The Covenant ordered her not to kill Syd because they want to retrieve something her memory. This makes Syd want to undergo CIA memory retrieval, which Jack vehemently opposes.

Dixon sends Vaughn and Syd to Sofia. He privately admits to Syd that he wants Allison dead because she murdered his wife. Using a tracking device, Syd and Vaughn find Allison in an abandoned building in Sofia and give chase. Allison corners Syd and says that Syd had discovered a formula for a medication in the Rambaldi journal — which was ultimately used to heal Allison's wounds. Syd grabs Allison's gun and shoots. She alive, but barely. They find the device on her body.

Syd's suspicions are raised when Vaughn knows nothing about the formula. They find the ambulance overturned, the medics dead and Allison missing.

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ALIAS, season 3, episode 05

Episode 5: Repercussions

A frantic Sydney phones Jack, telling him to activate the transmitter that she put on Vaughn. Later Syd breaks into Simon Walker's room only to find the bio-weapon gone; he has sold it to Sark. He kisses her and they part.

Weiss finds Vaughn. As he recovers in the hospital, Syd tells Lauren that she stabbed him in order to save him. Lauren is incensed. The CIA picks up an aircraft in the Ural Mountains deploying the bio-weapon against a prison. They notice Sark extracting the sole survivor — Abasi Bomani, the largest arms dealer in Africa. The Covenant tailored the weapon to spring Bomani.

Since Sloane had turned in Bomani years ago, the CIA decides to tap him for more info. On the plane to Mexico City, Lauren pressures Syd to transfer to another field office. Syd is defiant. As they enter Sloane's building, he's kidnapped before their eyes; forced into a van by Sark and Bomani. Sloane, trying to prevent his torture, says he can legitimize Bomani.

Lauren apologizes for threatening Syd. Later, Vaughn dreams of Sydney kissing him, then stabbing him. He wakes to find Lauren at his side.

Sloane returns to the CIA, says Bomani let him go in exchange for info — his Yakuza contacts have developed an AI computer virus that probes networks and writes itself. It can crash markets, ruin banks, paralyze the military. He wants the CIA to disable the virus, but not destroy it. If Bomani finds it destroyed, he'll kill Sloane, who suggests he's now valuable as a double-agent working for The Covenant but loyal to the CIA. Syd is dubious but Marshall's lie-detector tests verify Sloane's sincerity.

Jack, posing as a potential client, meets Simon in Paris in order to learn more about Syd's past. Javier IDs Jack and tells Simon that his daughter is Syndey Bristow, alias Julia Thorne. Simon baits Jack, who ultimately murders him when he refuses to divulge any info.

Marshall must see the code in order to render the virus harmless, so he's chosen to go with Syd. They enter the Osaka casino dressed as a cowboy and his floozy. He joins a blackjack table and cleans up, thanks to his skillful cheating. Allowing himself to be caught, he and Syd are taken to a back room. With Marshall's hands about to be cut off, Syd leaps into action. Together, they handle the thugs. Marshall breaks into the system and disables the virus just before Sark and Bomani enter the casino. They hide as Sark transfers the useless code to his server.

Mission completed, Syd visits Vaughn in the hospital, where she happens upon Lauren tenderly kissing Vaughn.

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ALIAS, season 3, episode 04

Episode 4: A Missing Link

As Syd and Jack view a tape, Lazarey says "Julia" before he dies.

A team stole four vials of Ebola from a French epidemiology lab. Lauren and Syd question Laszlo Bogdan, a team member who was infected and captured. He says The Covenant plans to mutate the virus … and his team was set for a second heist. Dixon IDs the team, led by a deadly freelancer named Simon Walker. Syd is to pose as a security expert, join Walker's team and track whatever they steal back to The Covenant.

A flirtatious Vaughan gives Syd a lipstick tracking device. In Sevilla, a disguised Syd meets Walker. He calls her Julia and greets her with a hot kiss. He says he's missed her. Syd is coy and says she wants to work with him again. "What, no future in murder?" he asks. Meanwhile, Syd meets the crew. They test her by making her steal a 150 carat diamond necklace from Princess Demetria of Greece. Walker gives her a tranquilizer gun and a knife, then calls the police. She has seven minutes to do it.

Dressed as a maid, she dopes the guard and enters the suite. The princess is sleeping; Syd dismantles a phone, creating an amplifier, and cracks the safe containing the necklace. As the police arrive, she darts the princess and jumps out the window into a pool far below. She returns to Walker with the necklace.

On the plane home, Vaughn, who had heard the whole thing, asks her what "Julia" was all about. She's mum, admitting she can't trust him because of Lauren. At the CIA Jack says Vaughn has been snooping. Syd considers admitting her guilt.

Marshall creates a safecracking device for Syd. Dixon calls a meeting with Syd, Jack and Vaughn. Jack has shown him the video of Lazarey's murder and told him Syd was conspiring to keep it a secret. Dixon is displeased but says that she was not responsible. He prohibits Vaughn from mentioning this to Lauren. Syd realizes Jack manipulated the situation so the NSC, ie., Lauren, wouldn't find out. Later, Syd apologizes to Vaughn.

In Spain, Walker receives pictures of Syd and Vaughn. Syd returns to Walker, and as they kiss she tries to extract info — she learns they met in Algeria. But the game is up and he puts a knife to her throat and shows her the photos. She says Vaughn is her supplier. Vauhgn calls Marshall, telling him to create a criminal record for himself on Interpol, which he does just before Walker checks it.

The team plans to go to a storage facility 35 miles outside Ibiza, run by disease control ministry. They'll have five minutes to get the package, a temperature-sensitive biological element. Sark walks into the safe house to talk about the deal! Syd manages to elude his notice. Lauren tries to pry info about The Covenant from Sloan. He says that they'll be able to create a bio-weapon against specific targets with the new theft. Sloane baits Lauren, says she in her job because of her father, a Senator.

Walker and Julia break into the facility's refrigerated vault. Syd has about a minute to crack the safe, but Marshall's device won't work. She reroutes the hardware and breaks in before the temperature rises too high. They steal the canister and put it in a cooler. As the switch vehicles, Syd grabs the transmitter from the lipstick. Vaughn is in the other vehicle! They've discovered he's CIA. To gain some control over the situation, Syd stabs him in the ribs. Walker then kicks him down a hill and they leave in a new vehicle.

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ALIAS, season 3, episode 03

Episode 3: Reunion

A fireball drops from the sky, devastating Moscow's Gorky Park. At the CIA, Dixon explains the fireball was a falling satellite and that it nearly prompted a nuclear response from Russia. Echelon picked up a call between Sark and Boris Oransky, an employee at a French firm that built the satellite. He and Sark discussed moving to "Phase 2." Sark has been tracked to a Mexico City hotel. Dixon orders a team to follow him. Syd believes they should apprehend him and argues with Lauren. Vaughn defends Lauren, saying that capturing Sark will do nothing to shut down The Covenant. Later, Vaughn asks a furious Lauren to give Syd the benefit of the doubt.

Jack tells Syd that the NSC has murky footage of Lazarey's murder. He again tells Syd not to admit her guilt because of the dangerous techniques the CIA would use to extract her memories. Jack views the tape with Lauren and Marshall, who requires 72 hours to make the tape clear for identification.

In Mexico, Syd, disguised as a Gaucho, locates Sark and Oransky in a cafe. Oransky gives Sark photos and codes, and mentions the word "Medusa." Sark leaves and Syd is discovered by Oransky's thugs. Oransky takes a hostage and forces Syd to drop her gun. Marshall determines the frequency of Oransky's earpiece and pushes 180 decibels of feedback through it. Syd attacks the thugs but Oransky escapes.

Syd tells Weiss she remembers something about Medusa at SD-6. Weiss tells a curious Syd that Vaughn met Lauren when she deposed during the investigation into Sydney's mother.

Dixon discovers that Medusa was an SD-6 project. It's an anti-satellite weapon that can cripple a network of satellites. Oranksy destroyed the Russian satellite to discover their protocol for nuclear attack. The pictures Syd took reveal a motorcade to the Russian Science Ministry, where Medusa is stored. Russia claims not to have anti satellites so the CIA must get to it before Sark. Despite Syd's protests, they decide Sloane can help them get into the Science Ministry.

Syd, Vaughn and Lauren travel to Zurich, where Sloane — who has a relationship with the Ministry due to his cancer research — refuses to help them. But after Syd threatens him, he agrees to admit them to a Ministry banquet. Sloane taunts Vaughn and Lauren.

Meanwhile, Jack bribes computer expert Pierre Lagravanese to corrupt the image of Lazarey's murder. Jack's given a virus, which he must upload to a terminal with administrative privileges. He installs the files.

At the Ministry, Syd and Vaughn once again feel an attraction. Vaughn creates a diversion, allowing Syd, who's stolen a diplomat's fingerprints, to gain them unrestricted access. In an elevator, they change into Russian military uniforms. Down in the bunker, Sark has murdered the guards. Marshall and Dixon watch Lazarey's murder as Jack is corrupts the files. The image won't render.

Syd and Vaughn engage in a firefight with Sark. He locks them in a sublevel and disconnects the elevator. Oransky goes after Syd while Sark bolts. Syd and Vaughn rig the generator to blow and crawl out intake vent as Oransky is killed and Medusa is destroyed. Weiss gives her a 3rd edition of Alice in Wonderland, a favorite of Syd's that was destroyed when her apartment burned.

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ALIAS, season 3, episode 02

Episode 2: Succession

In Berlin, a helicopter lifts an elevator carrying two CIA agents out of its shaft. Satisfied that Syd is not brainwashed, Jack dissuades her from admitting to the CIA that she killed Lazarey. Later, Weiss helps Syd move in to a neighboring apartment. He says that Vaughn was reluctant to return to the CIA.

The team learns The Covenant, a loose affiliation of Russian nationals, is behind the kidnapping. They will execute the men unless their demands are met. Syd volunteers to retrieve a package in a Munich adult movie theater. Dixon informs Syd of a therapy group for those who have lost their memory. Jack tells Syd that she was cremated and Vaughn spread her ashes at sea.

In the theater, Syd opens the package — it's the head of one of the CIA agents. Shoved in his mouth is a note demanding the the CIA exchange Sark for the remaining agent. Syd objects but Lindsey says Sark has no more secrets and, based on info provided by Sloane, believes they want to kill him.

Syd visits Vaughn at his classroom; he's a French teacher. She tells him she could cope with his return to the Agency. After her death, Vaughn says, he lost control and started drinking. He was deeply in love with her, but he doesn't regret moving on with his life.

Jack confronts Sloane, doubting his redemption and blaming him for Syd's disappearance. Jack offers to stop his efforts to invalidate Sloane's pardon if he gives details. Sloane gives Jack a disc with his own leads into Syd's death. Despite Sloane's denials, Jack says he'll bury Sloane for his involvement.

In a CIA jail, Sark denies knowledge of Syd's death. At the exchange in the Sonora desert, Sark is unsure why The Covenant wants him. The trade is interrupted by a Lindsey-ordered Delta Force helicopter. In the confusion, Sark and the CIA agent, a scientist, are taken by the Covenant. Syd later threatens Lindsey in the men's room for pulling that stunt. A man named Ushek San'ko says that Sark killed his brother, and demands $800 million. He says Sark, unbeknownst to him, is worth that much. Vaughn is reinstated while Jack discovers that Sark and San'ko withdrew $800 million in gold bullion from a Grand Cayman bank. The money belonged to Lazarey, a murdered Russian diplomat and descendant of the Romanov family. When he died, it went to his son … Mr. Sark.

Weiss tracked the scientist to a Frankfurt nightclub, run by Otto Edel, a drug dealer. Jack believes The Covenant is responsible for Syd's two year absence and compelled her to assassinate Lazareey. He's contacts Irina, who offers her help.

At the club, Syd poses as a chemist offering to triple Edel's sales by making his drug more addictive. She threatens to overdose him, but he locates the alarm terminal. Vaughn remotely helps her deactivate the alarm. Syd opens the torture room where the scientist is held, shoots the torturer. The dying torturer remembers her, said she kept her promise to kill him. He says that she was his favorite because she never broke.

At therapy, others discuss their amnesia and ensuring nightmares. Syd later interrupts Dixon to tell him that although she still has feelings for Vaughn, she won't be a part of the group. Dixon introduces Syd to the woman to whom he was speaking, Lauren Reed, the new NSC liaison, who'll be investigating Lazarey's murder. She's Vaughn's wife.

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Μια Φορά κι ένα καιρό ήταν ο Άνθρωπος - 6/26

Επεισόδιο 6

The Age of Pericles

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Sex And The City, s2e03

The Freak Show

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ALIAS, season 3, episode 01

Episode 1: The Two

Sydney is where we last left her, in a Hong Kong safe house. Vaughn tells her she's been gone for two years. Will survived the apartment fire, he says, but she died and her remains were identified. Vaughn's now a teacher, but the CIA sent him to take her back. Syd attacks Vaughn and escapes the safe house. She fights two CIA agents standing guard and Vaughn finally brings her down with a dart.

She wakes in the Stafford Naval Hospital. Dixon is there; he's now director of their division. Weiss calls Dixon away — he says Agent Scott Kingsley has the chip and is on a train to Avignon. He says the Covenant is moving to intercept and get the chip. A lead has placed a Covenant outpost outside Paris. Dixon returns and reveals that Jack has been in solitary for a year, courtesy of NSC Senior Director Robert Lindsey.

On train in Lyon, France, a gunman shoots and kills Kingsley. He finds the chip. It shows the schematics for an undetectable spy drone that, the CIA believes, could be used as a bio-weapon delivery system.

Sydney sees Marshall and Carrie, who is pregnant. In a meeting, Syd tells Dixon she was held captive in The Covenant's Paris base and heard Kingsley's name. Kingsley is just one of eight recent murders of CIA agents. Lindsey's adamant that Sydney go on this mission. Syd agrees on the condition that she gets to see her father. Lindsey agrees.

Syd tells a handcuffed Jack, who's been charged with resisting authority for contacting Irina (#6 on the CIA Most Wanted List), that she lied about The Covenant's Paris outpost in order to see him. He urges her to regain her CIA clearance and continue his research into her disappearance. He knew she was alive and has evidence. He also tells her that Vaughn isn't worthy of her grief.
In a Paris hangar, Weiss leads Syd and small team looking for the chip. They are attacked. Weiss is knocked unconscious and his throat about to be slit by the man on the train. Syd saves him. She admits she was lying and now if she goes back, her clearance will be pulled. Syd must identify this man. Weiss advises her to see Sloane, who now runs the World Health Org. in Zurich and is a consultant for the CIA.

She barges into Sloane's office. He was expecting her and identifies the man — Gordei Volkov — a Russian hitman. Blaming him for her predicament, she threatens to kill Soane. He says he's been redeemed, that the Rambaldi device delivered a message of peace. He then gave the CIA info to dismantle two dozen terrorist cells. Syd doesn't buy it.

Finding an old contact, Syd discovers Volkov has a meeting in Prague. She ambushes him, blows up his car. In the ensuing melee, Syd stabs him and retrieves the chip as he dies. She returns to Lindsey, threatening to destroy the chip unless he releases her father. He acquiesces.

Vaughn meets Syd. She's angry with him for looking for closure. She says she would have had faith and waited. But now she realizes it would have been an absolute waste if she had.

Jack returns to the CIA and takes Syd to a storage room. He shows her videotape of a Russian diplomat named Andrian Lazarey. On the monitor, a blonde Sydney stabs the man in the neck, killing him.

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Sex And The City, s2e02

The Awful Truth

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Χρόνια Πολλά και Καλή Χρονιά

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Sex And The City, s2e01

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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